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Utilizing Mobile Technology to make your pet's life easier and safer.

What's New:

A Collar Above and MobiPetTags

September 15, 2011

MobiPetTag Systems, the leader in  mobile Wireless Pet ID Tags and "A Collar Above" the leading manufacturer of custom designed cloth and leather dog and cat collars, have agreed to combine MobiPetTags' metal (Al & SS) Wireless Pet ID Tags  with  "A Collar Above" dog and cat collars.  Now owners can doubly protect their companion with MobiPetTags' "Safe-Attached" on-collar Wireless Pet ID Tags with an integrated collar from "A Collar Above". a-collar-above                 greenbay

Current News:

Natural Disaster's Hidden Costs

May  9, 2011

When Tornados, Floods or Hurricanes occur; pets, horses and other animals can be separated from their owners and families by miles and for extendedtornado periods of time. Pets can be adopted out during the separation in an attempt to help the wondering animal. So when the original owner tries to reclaim their family member – ownership may have to be proven on the spot hurricaneto get your family member back. Same thing may occur for horses and other animals. For these reasons, MobiPetTags has announced an additional “Pet ID Photo” option for MobiPetTags customers, where they can keep up to 10 photos of personal pet photos specifically taken for identification purposes. All of the photos are available in seconds from our customer’s "Pet Information Page”. Thus if you are ever separated from your companion by events beyond your control you will always have at your finger tips the proof you will need to get your companion back with your family.


Disaster Preparedness Links:

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Livestock Preparedness

International Travel Preparedness


Recent Events:

MobiPetTags Goes International

April 25,  2011

flag canadaflag austriliaflag turkey 

MobiPetTags is launching programs into Canada, Australia, Turkey and the Netherlands. We are very excited to announce that our international Pet Parents can now purchase selective products to help them provide the protective critical information for their companions when and where they need it. They can now travel anywhere in the world and feel safe that they can protect their family's companion.




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MobiPetTags - Multi-Purpose Wireless Pet ID Tags

Providing a Voice for your Best Friend when they need it the most!

MobiPetTags' life saving multi-purpose "Wireless Pet ID Tags" let people know how special our companions are, where they live and what type of medical help they may need, whenever or wherever they are. Since our companion cannot speak for themselves, MobiPetTags Wireless Pet ID Tags will speak for them, especially if they are lost or injured.

MobiPetTag Systems creates a custom bar-coded dog tag ("Dog Links") with your pet's critical information. Mobile phones and iPads and like tablets can then read the information on the tags anywhere or anytime.

    Wireless Pet ID Tags      
Standard Premium One  Premium Two  Alum & Plastic QR-Pre1 Alum On-Collar 
sadie-gif Premium Picture Tag- Aeris abby dots db2-black lg qr dots On-Collar Red Tag


MobiPetTags’ multi-purpose "Wireless Pet Links" also provides a "Medical Alert Notification" immediately to allmed sys 7 small caregivers and searchers reading our unique tags. This Wireless Pet Link System is the fastest way to get medical and or critical information into the hands of the people that can care for your companion - immediately anytime - anywhere (24/7 – worldwide). mbg

MobiPetTags' has merged your pet's well-being and security with wireless technology to advance the simple dog tag to the ultimate, high tech, custom coded information link using all ofdog logo the capabilities of smart phones, iPads and cyberspace.

MobiPetTag Systems is the only pet system that keeps your pet's medical records and shot history available on a moment's notice. 

moogleWith over 167 million mobile phones and iPads  in the United States and only 11 thousand microchip readers, the probability of re-unification is greatly increased with MobiPetTags' and the prevention of mistaken medical treatment is greatly improved with MobiPetTags'. sadie-gif

MobiPetTags turns every Smart Phone and iPad like tablet into a tag scanner. If your companion ever gets lost, 167 million good Samaritans can save the day by scanning the MobiPetTag with their Smart Phone or sys 7 small

With MobiPetTags the recognition of “Specialty” or “Medically Vulnerable” pets is instantly realized when viewing our tags.

For Breeders this means you will always have your animals complete medical history, shot records, genealogy, awards, etc. at your fingertips from anywhere in the world - instantly.

How does it work?

What if I already have the Microchip?

The microchip is an excellent supplement to your MobiPetTag. You can add your MobiPetTag " address" ( to the information on the microchip, then if anyone accesses the microchip they will also have immediate access to the critical information on your MobiPetTag. However, given the inherent problems with matching the microchip with the correct scanner and the delays intrinsic with having a stranger taking their time to locate a clinic or vet that has a scanner, the MobiPetTag offers a simpler, immediate and non-intrusive method of finding the owner or providing the critical information (medical records, shot history, dietary restrictions, etc.) your companion may need.

What are MobiPetTags "Dog Links" ? sadie-gif

Dog Links are coded lightweight, plastic and metal tags that can immediately communicate with the internet via a mobile phone or iPad using the Microsoft® Tag Mobile Phone/iPad App (Snap IT). 

To see other companies that use the "Snap IT" technology clickfh red lg here.     

  • Each Dog Link is customized specifically for your pet.

  • Each customized Pet Link contains special information about your pet and you.

  • Dog Links provide immediate access to your companion's Medical Records. med sys 7 small

  •  Our lightweight flexible composite Dog Links/tags will not get caught on fences, cages, brush, wire, etc.

  • Dog Links provide critical information immediately anytime - anywhere (24/7 – worldwide).

  • Dog Links are replacements for Dog and Cat Collar Tags, Travel ID Tags and Medical Tags.

  • Dog Links are available for all types of pets: dogs, cats, horses, hamster, snakes, birds, etc.

  • Dog Links are more than just a Dog Tag

MobiPetTags currently provides Wireless Pet Links in four different categories:

 Collar ID

 sadie-gif or red tag or round blue lg  or  abby plp

Keychain ID


Travel ID


Wallet ID



Your pet’s key information will always be stored and immediately displayed on a cell phone or iPad  friendly screen.   comment

Pet Information Page


The only Tag you will need

All the information on all the other tags you buy (license, rabies, phone number, microchip number, etc.) can be stored on just one Dog Link.

Collar+Tags-i3d      arrow1               Leon Collar Tag

Perfect for Cat ID's

Mobi PetTags are the only lightweight flexible composite plastic tags sized for feline companions that will not get caught on fences, cages, brush or anything else that can threaten our companions. Click on Moogle below to view his Pet Information Page

        Cat Collar      Moogle-i3d

In case of an Emergency

If your companion ever gets lost while wearing a Mobi PetTag, any person with a cell phone, iPad or a computer who finds your pet can find you immediately by snapping a picture of the Pet Link barcode or if your companion is injured the emergency personal can quickly review your companion's medical records by simply using the Mobi PetTag - before making a life and death decision.

 With a microchip, the "finder" has to take the time to locate a place that can scan your pet's specific chip, take the time to go and have it scanned, trust that the technician there can find (chips tend to move within your pet) the chip in your pet, try to locate the microchip code on their database and only then be able to contact.

And in an emergency the microchip cannot provide the critical medical information - only your phone number listed in the database - which your pet may need for its survival.
MobiPetTags are the only pet tags capable of immediately providing your pet's critical medical information - within seconds when needed.

How MobiPetTag will reunite you with your companion

MobiPetTags provide several accessories to enhance your communication experience with Dog Links which will make your pet’s life easier (see “Products”).            comment


Places that use MobiPetTags:



Dog Parks



Emergency Centers

Pet (Dog, Cat, Horses, etc) shows

4 H Clubs


Competition shows

Border Crossings

World Wide Traveling

Shipping companies

Natural Disaster Preparations

"Microchips are so last century, Quick Response Tags (by MobiPetTags) are so now and into the future. With a Quick Response Tag on your pet’s collar, if they ever get lost, more than 167 million good Samaritans can save the day by scanning the MobiPetTag with their Smart Phone or Tablet."

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Design and Production of Aluminum Pet Links by:  abby's place

Design and Production of Collars by:   a collar above

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